The Concept

If you’ve ever checked out an internet dating site you’ll know that it’s often about filling in endless forms about your height, weight, salary and eye colour, then getting bombarded with emails containing pictures of lots of random people you know nothing about and have nothing in common with. It’s bit like playing the lottery – good fun but quite expensive, completely random and very difficult to win. This is essentially what 99.9% of dating sites are like: random, automated selection, based on boring statistics.

Imagine if you could choose which lottery numbers made up the winning ticket. Success would be simple! This is the premise of interro-dating. Based on it’s sister product, which in under a year has become France’s no.2 dating site, lets users make up their own questions, rather than making them answer what sometimes more resembles a national census than to a ticket to love.

This is how interro-dating works – you think of questions you would like to ask members of the opposite sex and you choose the answer you would like to receive to these questions. If someone likes the look of your questions, then they’ll take your test. If they score well then you’ll get sent an email telling you their score and any comments they added. If you receive an email it means they liked your questions and they answered them as you wished – meaning there’s a good chance you’re quite compatible. And if you’re a believer that opposites attract – well the questionnaire still serves as a fun ice-breaker all the same.

The Cost is a fully moderated, fun, yet serious dating site. Entry to the site is completly free, just create a username and give us your age, sex, location and email address. Upon entry you will be given a certain amount of trial credits. These credits will let you access and use the site for a limited amount of time (just long enough for you to become addicted :)). Once you have used up your credits, you can…
a) having paid nothing, walk away and return to the land of celibacy… Boo! Hiss! Boo!